Oh Jo, How Could You?

Some of you might be thinking that this was a foolish move. I will probably think that myself at some point. In the words of Amy March, "Oh Jo, how could you? Your one beauty."

But, it was time... to relinquish the mane. Even if I do cry occasionally about how many years it will take to grow it back out, for today I'm glad to be rid of the split ends, the tangled nests, the clogged drains, and the secret hideout for flying creatures. Not to mention getting it rolled up in car windows, getting my neck trapped in awkward positions when my sleeping husband rolls on top of it, and my head sweating like an 1920's farmhouse window pane down in the bayou. For today, I feel happy, light and free. Talk to me tomorrow and you never know, I might be counting down the days till my "one beauty" grows back.