Flooding In Nashville

When I said that I wanted it to rain, I didn't mean this much rain. The creek in our backyard has turned into a river. Jacob and I woke to a neighbor pounding on our door to tell us that our chicken coop was floating away! This picture was taken after the waters receded quite a bit, believe it or not.
Yesterday the coop was back by the creek. God's eye was on the chicken, though, because yesterday afternoon we were compelled to move them further up into the yard. We moved them behind the truck, and yet Jacob still had to wade in two feet of water to rescue them this morning. They, and the coop, are now safely located up on the driveway. We are very fortunate that the waters have not reached up the house, although our basement is flooding a bit. There are many people in much worse situations around Nashville and Middle TN. And the rains won't be letting up until early tomorrow morning.


Elizabeth Shaw said...

So glad you, Jacob and the chickens are doing ok! Jeff and I saw the flooding on the news this morning, so I was going to email you and check in later today. With all the intense images we saw on the news, Jeff figured the chicks might be inside with you by now. :-) Praying that the flooding subsides soon and that everyone is OK!

Annalise Joy said...

Thanks Elizabeth. We are doing fine. All the water has receded out of the yard, so that is really good. We are just having to clean out the basement now so it won't mold, but we didn't lose anything of value. Talk to you soon!

Jennifer@ Surprising Joy said...

"His eye was on the chicken." Best line ever.

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