Need to Decorate Your Walls?

Many of my friends, at one time or another, have expressed a desire to find inexpensive ways to decorate their walls. So I thought I would compile some ideas that I have used, that friends have used, or that I have seen around.

If you want to submit photos of your ideas, please feel free to email them to me and I will update this post with more solutions. (I am not including my email address to protect against spamming, but most of you should already know it).

Frame pages of an old book or a book cover

Mount, hang or frame swaths or panels of your favorite material

Purchase inexpensive material, like burlap, and sew together a unique wall hanging

Showcase family photos with a criss-crossing ribbon board or paper clip photos on ribbon strung across the wall. (photo courtesy of bijougirl)

Cut small rectangles from pages of old magazines and paste on a ply board for an interesting collage.

Use a string and clothespins to hang photos

For a little more money, use wall decals. has several decal shops.


Amanda Conley said...

great ideas!

Annalise Joy said...

Thanks for your contribution.

Keely Brooke Keith said...

I had a big window in the dining room of my second house and I took a picture looking out that window from the same spot (using no flash) each of the four season, then matted and framed the photos and hung them in a group. It takes a year to do, but not much money and looks really cool.

Annalise Joy said...

I love that idea, Keely.

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