tribute to the family artists

I have some incredibly talented friends and family. Today, I would like to feature the art works of my sister, Amanda and her husband, Seth. These two individuals are a couple (and a cute one to boot) of the best artists I know of.

Amanda Conley is an incredible jewelry designer and metal smith. Her company, Bijougirl, is featured on where you can also purchase her work or request a custom order.

Seth Conley, my brother-in-law, is a painter with an exceptional creative eye. His paintings are full of emotion and message. You can view a more works here.


Amanda Conley said...

I love the post! Thanks for writing about us. *blush*

JoanDel said...

I love the post too. I agree that they are an incredibly gifted and beautiful couple. All praises to our God and King.

Ana-Lou said...

Hello, i am Keely's friend and I LOVE this jewelry. Is there a way to get in contact with the creator? Keely knows my data. ;-)

Annalise Joy said...

HI Ana-Lou, You can contact Amanda through her etsy store online. Go to

Or you can simply click on the links provided within the text of this blog post (click on the words, "purchase her work or request a custom order" above. Glad you like the jewelry!

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