Giraffe'n Around

Today we went to the Nashville Zoo. I had not been to the zoo for at least 10 years so it was completely different due to the updates made about 5 years ago. I really liked it! One of the highlights was this giraffe that spotted me from across the field and came over as close as he could to me. He was just looking at me and chewing his cud and looking at me some more, like I was someone he knew. So then we walked a ways down the fence and he followed. We stopped and watched him again for a while. Then we walked some more and he continued to follow. We ended up turning around and walking back and forth several times, each time he would turn and follow us. When I began to talk to him, like I would to my dog, saying "your a good boy," he began to bow his head and nod up and down. Perhaps he thought I was one of his caretakers. I don't know. But it was pretty fun.

And here is Jacob, me and our sweet little friend, Rachel, enjoying our day at the zoo....another highlight.


Amanda Conley said...

Cute picture! And that's so funny about the giraffe. I wish I was there! Oh, and I'm glad you finally put up a new post! =)

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