It's no project runway...

Last week, my husband and I attended the Mercy Ministries Christmas Benefit. Fancy events are not a norm in my household, so I had to spend some time shopping for an appropriate outfit. I am beyond picky about my clothing purchases, so I started looking early - trying to prevent last year's debacle of rummaging through my closet at the last minute and "having nothing to wear." This year I found a dress (1/2 off, I might add) and being a sleeveless dress in wintertime (why can't one find any long-sleeved non-matronly dresses?) I had to find something to go with it that would keep me warm. So I trucked out to Target and found this jacket on clearance. ( I forgot to get a picture, so this one is from T's website).

Although I was thrilled to find a fancy looking jacket, I was not quite what I had in mind. So I took it home and altered it into a shrug. I am no seamstress, believe me. My sowing skills are limited to a very basic seam. But the faux fur of this jacket allowed me to get away with a lot. Here is the final version:


and I made the bag with material cut off of the jacket.

Overall, it was a very successful evening, for me and hopefully for Mercy Ministries.


Amanda Conley said...

That's awesome! You look gorgeous, I LOVE the shrug and bag. You're so creative.

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