Celebrity Chickens

My neighbor, Ashley, works in film production. She works on all kind of projects from movies to reality television shows. Today she was working on a TV ad campaign for Tractor Supply Co. Apparently Tractor Supply is promoting their backyard chicken accessories. In order to properly recommend their range of accessories, they wanted to film urban backyard chickens. Ashly [brilliantly] suggested our chickens as urban animal candidates and she, the camera operator and the client were soon in my backyard filming.

Roberta gave them some nice shots as she piddled around in the nests, anxious to lay her egg, but feeling a bit unsettled by all the attention. Overall though, her performance, as well as the others' performances were exceptional, might I even say, inspiring. We'll see about the 2011 Oscar nominations.

Click Here to read an older blog entry about our chickens, if you're interested in learning about them.


Amanda Conley said...

Fun! And FINALLY a new blog post!

Keely Brooke Keith said...

I knew Roberta was destined to leave a legacy - beyond laying the biggest eggs in the hen house. Just kidding ;-)

That's fun, Annalise. The best news I've heard all day.

Annalise Joy said...

Yeah, sorry about being behind on posting, Amanda. I sometimes don't have anything to write about. Keely, Yes, Roberta is definitely the big-hen in the house, so-to-speak. I think she also bosses the others around - you don't want to mess with Roberta.

If I get a hold of that commercial, I will post it on the blog.

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