Haiti Snapshots

After several weeks of deliberation on how to proceed with this blog post, I have come to the conclusion that at this time, I only have the emotional capacity to post a snapshot of my experience In Haiti. Truly, with only 8 days in country, I experienced only a snapshot of Haiti myself....there is so much more to know and understand about the people, culture, and landscape.  So I am going to give you some literal snapshots (mostly taken by my teammate, Mark Short) and brief descriptions. I may share more detailed thoughts in later posts.  If you want more details now, call me - we’ll have coffee or lunch and I will elaborate. 

Port-au-Price. It really is as devastated as it looks. 

 Many people in the city live in tent camps like this one:

The 66 acre Global Outreach mission compound where we stayed. Really nice facilities and grounds. Since the earthquake, Samaritan's Purse has been occupying a section of the compound for their medical personnel and supplies.

In and around Titanyen, the village we were staying near:

One of the houses we painted & some precious children who lived there or nearby:

Their kitchen

Our work truck

 A children's program up in a mountain village. Their teacher taught them the story of Jesus feeding the 5000; they sang songs like "Allelu, Allelu, Allelu, Allelua, glwa a Senye (Praise ye the Lord)"; and played games. 

This man sat under a tree and listened to the gospel on the Proclaimer that we brought, an audio Creole new testament powered by solar and hand crank. In a mostly illiterate country, these can make a huge impact.

Although no one really knows how many died in the earthquake, the mass grave is said to have approximately 230,000 buried there.

This is a school, sponsored by Global Outreach, in Titanyen:

our team


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